Guests share stories of their spiritual journeys and how their beliefs, insights, and practices have helped them live a better life. These life stories help others better understand and accept their own challenging opportunities for learning, expansion, and growth. Jeffrey will bring forth the Teachings of Shaltazar and explain how these higher truths can be used to change lives in a positive way.

These episodes integrate the wisdom of  Shaltazar, as well as many spiritual teachings, insights, principles, and practices in a practical way.

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If you had met me when I was 35-years-old, you would have never guessed that I’d “grow up” to be a life coach. In fact, what I really needed back then was my own life coach. I spent my adult life as the President & CEO of our family business, driven by the need to be “successful,” to live up to my parents’ expectations. Stress was a big part of my life.
By all accounts & purposes, I had a wonderful life. But, I was so caught up trying to be something I wasn’t & living up to everyone’s expectations of me. I had not yet met my authentic self.
Unfortunately, my health was the first thing to go. I had Crohn’s disease — …