The Story of a fairy Godmother with Wenty Hill


  • Her story and work as a fairy Godmother Learn about her story and work as a fairy Godmother
  • How to learn to identify the difference between ego and intuition 
  • Spiritual awakening during the pandemic


Wenty Hill

Wenty is an internationally recognized intuitive coach with 30+ years of experience on television, radio, and news media.

Wenty has given hundreds of workshops on a wide variety of subjects including quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, healing, success positioning, career transitioning, and attracting and keeping a mate.

Wenty’s work has been successful with thousands of people of all nationalities, races, and ages. Formerly from Sedona, Arizona, Wenty now lives in the Pacific Northwest, close to the snow-capped Cascade Mountains overlooking Puget Sound.

Wenty was chosen as one of the top four national healers and channels by the Sedona Journal of Emergence and is also the author of the Dance of Abundance book and video series.

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Wenty, Your Fairy Godmother


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