Mindful Self compassion with Personal Development Coach Jenny Tryansky

Episode #32


  • The importance of humanizing the experience of being human
  • Self compassion and self love
  • Inner work and self discovery

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Jenny Tryansky, Personal Development Coach

Jenny Tryansky is a Personal Development Coach who helps highly self-critical people who sense that something within is holding them back. 


Through collaborative, connected and creative coaching, she helps them grow from self-critical to confident, from perfectionist to peaceful, from controlling to curious, in all areas of their life; professionally and personally. 

She believes in the importance of humanizing the experience of being human and acknowledging all of the complex and contrasting emotions that we hold and carry. Though her clients come to her to focus on specific aspects of their lives, she takes a whole person/whole life approach, with the belief that it’s all connected and it all matters. 

Through deep exploration and inner work, her clients feel and believe their self-worth, sometimes for the first time in their lives. They begin to live from a more aligned, purposeful, fulfilling, confident and peaceful place. They’re able to claim who they are (and who they’re not!), and love themselves for all of it. They walk away with strategies and tools that are practical and unique to them and work for the long haul.


Jenny is a former television producer and network production executive. Her love of and curiosity for genuine human stories is the thread she carried through from her former passion-driven career into her now purpose-driven career as a certified professional co-active coach. 


Her co-active coach training led to her own life-changing transformation, enabling her to shift old habits and beliefs that were holding her back and made her feel trapped and unhappy. Through her own personal development work, she discovered peace within for the first time in her life at almost 40 years old, and she wholeheartedly guides her clients to find that inner peace for themselves. 


She works with clients all over the world via phone, video or in person sessions locally, and offers complimentary exploration calls to see if there’s a great connection and fit. 



Website: jennytryansky.com 

Facebook: @jennytryanskycoaching

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennytryansky/

Email: jennytryansky@gmail.com 

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