Manifesting Abundance & Love into your Life with Bee Kalender

Episode #24


  • Breaking through energy blocks
  • Overcoming depression
  • Channeling and meditation

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Bee Kalender

I´m a coach, channel, and manifesting expert. I help people to manifest abundance & love into their life by breaking through their energy blocks.

My client’s results come fast and with ease. Lifelong limiting beliefs are melted away opening the door for your goals, dreams, and desires.

An amazingly abundant life filled with love is available to ANYONE who is willing to do the inner work to create it.

I wasn’t always a coach, channel, and manifesting expert… In fact, not too long ago, I was living a life in scarcity.

​Picture an unhappy young woman who was stuck in a job she did not enjoy, trying to make ends meet, feeling lonely as love just did not seem to work out for her … feeling stuck in life.

​Exhausted, feeling alone, and on the verge of depression, I had spent so many years chasing money, love, abundance and happiness unsuccessfully.

It wasn’t until I met a lady – an energy healer – who gave me a glimpse into an ancient manifestation method, that it all began to change. I’d never tried this method at that point, but I decided to try it.

​And something incredible happened…

​When I was practicing this method, I instantly felt better. It was like my problems started to vanish.

But it still wasn’t enough, so I practiced more. The more I practiced, the better I felt, and the wall of scarcity, loneliness and negativity I’d unknowingly built around me began to melt away.

Then one morning, everything changed.

​I sat down on my purple meditation pillow for practice. The scent of incense felt like a release in and of itself…But it was in this moment that I felt a flash of light…Spiritual light and energy washed over my entire being. I felt an increase in vibration that washed away my stress, doubt and fear in an instant. It was like pure bliss…I felt a powerful presence… a connection to the UNIVERSE. The feeling of love overcame me and nearly brought me to tears. In that moment I knew that everything was going to be okay for me.

​Its honestly hard to explain, because the incredible guidance I received that day came through feeling, knowing, and a direct experience that is literally beyond what words can convey… But what the universe revealed to me that day, holds the secret for how I can give you a chance to experience the same.

​In the years since that moment, I’ve been channeling the universe and have been blessed to have helped many people to connect to the universe and unleash their manifesting powers with profound and consistent results.

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