Law of Attraction in Action with Speaker, Author and Podcaster Michele Joy

Episode #34


  • Connecting through love
  • It all starts with pain
  • Like attracts like-energy
  • Finding your soulmate

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Michele Joy is an internationally recognized Law of Attraction coach, Podcaster, author, speaker, and blogger from Portland, Oregon. Her popular podcast, “Law of Attraction in Action” is being heard in almost 100 countries and is helping tens of thousands of people with her bi-weekly inspirational talks.  Her video blogs, “365 Days of Joy” and “365 Days of Miracle Moments” offer daily inspiration and her life-changing book, “Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart” is helping people to find hope again when they thought there was none.  

Her years as a Registered Nurse, specifically working with the dying, has also given her a mountain of compassion for people’s lives. Her greatest mission is to help people live their lives fully and never die with regret. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her two boys, two cats and her soulmate Paul.

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