Jeffrey Eisen Podcast with Robin Wilt

Episode #10


In this episode, my guest is Robin Wilt and we will be dissecting the Shaltazar message “The Importance of your Yin Yang Balance.” Listen to a great discussion as Robin and I talk about how important it is to work on having your thinking and feeling (yin and yang) in balance.

Robin Wilt

Robin is a native of St. Augustine, Florida.  Almost three years ago Robin began to experience a radical transformation afterlife that delivered many traumatic experiences.  At the time, she had no idea these changes were allowing her to re-evaluate her belief system and how she was living and viewing life.  The difficulties she experienced during this time period prompted her to help others going through their own spiritual awakenings.  This desire led her to become a life coach, which she will obtain certification in July 2019.  She is also certified in Light Connections Therapy, a proprietary energy healing method.  Robin currently works in the public sector software industry and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Valdosta State.


Life Coach

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