Jeffrey Eisen Podcast with Nadia Kim

Episode #14


In this episode, my guest is Nadia Kim and we  talk about the Shaltazar message “Reconnecting to Your Unconditional Self Love.”  Although we have discussed this message on another podcast you won’t want to miss this amazing conversation about self-love. Nadia shares some fantastic and very useful advice on how we can all learn to love ourselves more.

Nadia Kim

Nadia Kim is from Baltimore, Maryland and is an intuitive that uses her abilities to support those who wish to have more joy and fulfillment in their lives. She is an alchemist and channel of unconditional love. Her mission is to be a beacon of positive energy helping transform the energy on this planet from survival mode to truly living. Download and subscribe to her free podcast: Spiritual Tools for Your PHYSICAL Existence on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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