Jeffrey Eisen Podcast with Melissa Porter

Episode #16

The Shaltazar Podcast Series was created as a means for people to more fully understand, integrate and embody the teachings from Shaltazar. The goal was to make Shaltazar wisdom more accessible, available and practical.

In the first few episodes, we took one of the channeled Messages from Shaltazar and broke it down into in-depth explanations, commentaries, and clarifications about the teachings. I have come to realize that there might be a better way of helping people use this and other spiritual wisdom more effectively.

The new Podcast format is about using spiritual wisdom, insights, principles, and practices to integrate and embody into our lives in a practical way. Guests are asked to bring their life questions, issues, and challenges to the episode. We will discuss applying spiritual solutions in a practical way to answer these queries. As well, guests will be encouraged to share how their own spiritual beliefs, insights, and practices that have helped them live a better life.

The first guest for this new format is Melissa Porter. She is an amazing woman who has used her spiritual beliefs and principles to literally save her life. You won’t want to miss this episode as Melissa shares her story. Melissa tells us how a car accident that nearly killed her, saved her life 12 months later when she was diagnosed with cancer. Melissa shares lots of great ideas of how you can use spiritual wisdom to live a better and more fulfilling life.

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