Jeffrey Eisen Podcast with Catherine Allon

Episode #21

Catherine Allon represents a unique and rich set of experiences through a dynamic combination of over thirty years of teaching, counseling and coaching. She facilitates human development and growth through wholistic psychotherapy and teaching kundalini yoga. Whether teaching self-awareness, healing emotional problems or relationship issues, she offers the opportunity to understand, resolve, and heal difficult concerns in daily life. Catherine has written a book with Jack Canfield and others, called Success Starts Today

A few of Catherine’s accomplishments are:

  • Spiritual Counsellor for Radical Awakening for over twenty years
  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher since June 2000 in recreation centers, or privately
  • Founder of World Peace Associates in the 1990s, a peace organization creating Peace Festivals, in Toronto, ON; Project Director, Season for Non-Violence
  • National Coordinator in Canada, Love Foundation with international reps.

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