Getting your Life Back and Pursuing your Dreams with Web Designer Sara Sanguino

Episode #25


  • Overcoming addictions with spiritual practices
  • Following your passion and creating a life you love
  • Self-love and inner work in Romance

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Sara Sanguino:

Sara is a multidisciplinary designer, fitness instructor, and Wellness Expert Extraordinaire!

Having a wide range of interests and skills, Sara decided to merge both of her passions by creating a Branding and Web design studio that targets Conscious entrepreneurs. In 2017, in partnership with her cousin, Saraz Design Studio was founded with the intention of helping wellness experts share their message with the world. Sara believes that having an online presence is the best way to share expertise with a unique voice. Sara is committed to creating designs that are uniquely tailored to her clients and their values by translating their unique brand story into beautiful, bold imagery and design. Her work is not based on trends, but designs that are rooted in intention.

Having worked for multiple ad agencies and affiliate marketing companies in Toronto, Sara understands how busy life can get, and the importance of taking time to let go, relax and be still, as well as the importance of staying healthy and energized.

Sara is also a Yoga and dance instructor, Meditation Guide, and a Reiki Practitioner. When she is not creating, you can find her teaching. Sara is passionate about helping others heal, and cope with the daily stress in their lives. Her classes explore the duality of movement and stillness, providing a space to reconnect with the self and the body.

You can find her services at and follow her on Instagram @sarazstudio

Sara’s Story:

I turned to spirituality in my early twenties. The book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay saved my life in 2009. I hit rock bottom from binge drinking and substance abuse and decided to get sober. The day I decided to stop was the day I started soaking up books, spiritual principles, affirmations, meditation practices, yoga training, healing techniques and anything else that helped me be a source of love and aid to the world.

From 2010 to 2017 I worked for multiple ad agencies and affiliate marketing companies. I was living on my own and enjoying the benefits of having a good and stable salary. One day I felt like I hit an “early age midlife crisis” I felt like something was missing in my life and that there was something else for me to do in this lifetime.

I have always been a creative, and like to say I was “made to create” by our ultimate creator.  So one day I decided to quit my job, put all my belongings into storage and take off to an intensive yoga teacher training in Italy. When I came back, I was on and off taking part-time jobs until I made the decision to merge both of my passions and start my own Branding and Web design studio. In 2017, Saraz Design Studio was founded with the intention of helping conscious and wellness experts share their message with the world.


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