Following your Soul’s Desires and Heart’s Passions with Niloufar Mersadi

Episode #49


  • Seek the truth and be authentic

  • activate the empathic power within you

  • Allow time to tap into your heart

Niloufar Mersadi

Seeking the truth and getting closer and closer to the most authentic expressions of my soul and heart and helping others on the same path has been my life passion. My story is the journey of how the heart became my compass and how I dived into the darkness to find the light. 

Life started for me in a traumatic way, I was born during the Iran-Iraq war; I had attachment anxiety and epileptic attacks as a child as a result. Only recently I have been able to clear that early trauma through rebirthing breathwork. 

My career followed my personal healing journey; I studied Architecture in Iran, then moved to London to study Psychology for 8 years, this was followed by a deep dive into spiritual and healing modalities. 

I have founded Gaia Mystic Holistic Healing after a series of profound mystical experiences, through which I was re-connected with a deep sense of oneness with the natural environment and its innate self-healing capacities, which is also within each of us.

What inspires me the most about Gaia is the idea of interconnectedness: how we mutually influence each other and our living planet. I view psycho-spiritual challenges as embedded in the context of our relational, familial, ancestral, social, environmental, political, and spiritual imprints. That is what inspired me to delve into holistic approaches to healing. I have been working as a psychotherapist, breathwork, crystal, and Reiki healer; I am currently a shamanic apprentice with the Sacred Trust in the UK. 

I have followed my soul’s desires and heart’s passions all along, wherever they have taken me. I am currently giving life to my creative visions through learning visionary art, charcoal drawing, dancing, and creating online courses that I can’t wait to share with the world! 

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